Local Voter Issues Survey

Did you vote in the Midterm Elections?
Which of these issues should Democrats focus on in the upcoming 118th Congress? (select all that apply)
Rev. Warnock is going to a RUNOFF. Which areas should Democrats focus on winning in Georgia?
Should Democrats do everything in their power to save Rev. Warnock?
Did you know that End Citizens United ran intensive Voter Contact Programs in battleground states like Georgia and Arizona for the 2020 election?
If you knew that a small donation of just $13.63 (our daily average) could help us do important work to EXPAND our Senate Majority, would you chip in?
[Please Read, Don’t Skip] The GOP is rushing money to CRUSH Rev. Warnock's campaign in the Georgia RUNOFF.

So we're working our hearts out to raise $9,000 before our midnight deadline so we can TURBO-BOOST our efforts to DEFEAT Herschel Walker and EXPAND our Senate Majority.

Can you give anything now?