Do you support a national Vote-By-Mail option?
Did you or someone you know Voted‑By‑Mail in the 2O22 election?
Do you believe that every American should be allowed to Vote-By-Mail if they want to?
Do you think voting should be more accessible to all?
Are you worried about Republican Voter Suppression across the country?
Are you committed to doing anything to STOP Donald Trump and his minion-Republicans from taking control of our government again?

[Before You Go:]

Donald Trump just announced his 2024 Presidential Run. We’re not taking ANY CHANCES to risk a repeat of re-electing Donald Trump as President. That's why it's more important than ever to ABOLISH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE!


BUT, we rely on grassroots supporters like you, not super PACs and corporate funds to fund our work. We're coming up on our HUGE Daily Fundraising goal and we're still behind our daily goal of $50,000.