[CONFIRM NOW] Did you vote in the Midterm Elections today?
[If Yes] Who did you vote for?
Where was your polling place?
Are you worried about Republican Voter Suppression across the country?
Do you agree with this statement: It’s vital to protect and expand President Biden’s Congressional Majorities to prevent Trump Republicans from rigging the 2024 Election?
Are you committed to doing anything to STOP Donald Trump and his minion-Republicans from taking control of our government again?
We did everything we could to rid the House and Senate of Trump puppets by electing Democratic Reformers. But Republicans DOUBLED DOWN and raised MILLIONS in Dark Money to CRUSH our majorities.

We need to raise an additional $14,632 before midnight to keep pace.

Will you please do your part by chipping in at least $13.63 (our average donation) to pay for our ads in key states to elect Voting Rights CHAMPIONS?