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Did you vote in the Midterm Election?
[IF YES] Who did you vote for?
[AS OF TODAY] Do you approve or disapprove of President Joe Biden?
Our movement to defeat Anti-Voting Republicans and pass Voting Reform is stronger than ever. We've raised over $200 million to fight voter suppression and help get folks out to the polls AND we raised $8 million directly for our endorsed Democrats. We are the largest democracy-focused organization in the country. And now, our work is more critical than ever!

Should we keep your End Citizens United membership active?
[Before you go:] We are immensely proud of the work we did to help voters and help President Joe Biden save his majorities. But now, we are gravely concerned about the lengths the GOP will go to ruin us. They tried to throw out ballots. And they are STILL throwing lies around about the Election.

So we’re not resting a minute – we hope you understand this! We’re coming up to our November End-of-Month Goal in just a few days and we are just $12,392 behind pace.

If every single person completing this survey donated just $3, we would easily reach our goal. Can you give $3 to protect voting rights?