Exclusive John Fetterman Assessment for you!

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Who do you TRUST to serve as Pennsylvania Senator?
Do you approve of MAGA Maniac Dr. Oz?
Dr. Oz believes abortion should be illegal including during cases of incest or rape.

Who do you trust more to save reproductive rights to protect Pennsylvanians?
Dr. Oz lives in New Jersey and JUST bought his property in Pennsylvania.

Do you agree that Pennsylvania’s Senator should be someone from Pennsylvania?
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[Here’s the truth] We’re concerned about the GOP’s efforts to restrict Voting Rights. That’s why we’re working around the clock to Elect Democratic Senators like John Fetterman! But our work is so expensive. We're running ads nonstop, sending staff into battleground states, and doing literally everything we can to save Voting Rights. We’re a grassroots movement and we depend on our donors to help us with this important work.

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